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i bought the bundle, can i play this on my quest 2?

have you figured it out?


Question.. bought this on the Oculus store for my rift s.  My rift s died, so I bought a quest 2 and now it says I have to buy the game again even though the store page says Rift & quest... What gives?

I think you can use the oculus app on your pc, and oculus link, to play the rift version on your quest

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hmmm I'll have to try but I've played other games that way and beat saber doesn't show up.

Still... Why doesn't it just have crossbuy since it's literally the same game on the same platform

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hey i bought your game from itch and thought it came with a key for oculus is there another way i can install it or what

It's a Windows game. You'll probably want to install SteamVR, then either launch it from the Windows desktop or setup a link in Steam itself.

so.. i've played the oculus demo for about 60 times... i'm gonna buy the game soon doe


Wont open on my pc can i have a refund please.


Do you have a vr headset?

oculus quest version been out on the oculus store


Works with Oculus Quest by sidequest installation? or only by PC?


Works with Oculus Quest by sidequest installation? or only by PC?

that’s what I’m trying to figure out,do you know?


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