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Why is this game not updated? I thought games bought anywhere should automatically be updated to the latest. if not I am disapointed :-(

I doubt the devs have received a lot of downloads from Itch compared to other sites, so most likely it's been completely forgotten about :/

the game made me promise not to play the game anymore so i guess i'm done. kind of a weird conclusion to the story but my word is my bond.


If I was to buy this game in the bundle, would I have access to future updates and/or a Mac file if it comes to

I have the same exact question


Hey, I bought this as part of the bundle, and it said I would get a steam key, but there is no "steam key" button.


I just bought it too smiley face

I was a little confused as well but I double checked and the only games it says will come with a steam key is paratopic and the haunted island 

It says steam key but not for SUPERHOT.
Steam key for Paratopic and the Frog detective game.

Ah, thank you.


I hope you bring the Mac version to!


The most innovative shooter I've played in years.


Any plans to bring the Linux version to ?


Why are people posting these first and second comments, i think its useless.





First! :D